Box Gutter


DMI’s Box Gutter is available in Galvalume®, aluminum, stainless steel, and copper. DMI offers a full line of accessories including internal gutter support brackets, custom under brackets, mitered corners, end caps, splice plates, expansion joints, outlets, downspouts, elbows, and downspout straps. DMI offers our box gutter in six standard SMACNA profiles (see profiles tab below). Custom profiles are also available. Available in up to 32′-0″ lengths. 

DynaClad® 70% Full Strength PVDF Paint Finish, Natural Copper or Stainless Steel

Choice of over 32 Colors for Galvalume® and Aluminum


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Product Offerings

Offered in a large variety of materials and colors.

  • Galvalume® (22 ga. & 24 ga.) – See our color chart for standard color offering
  • HDG-90 (20 ga.)
  • Stainless Steel (22 ga. & 24 ga.)
  • Aluminum (.050, .040, & .032) – See our color chart for standard color offering
  • Copper (20 oz. & 16 oz.)


Find the right profile for your project.

Order Forms

A Style Box Gutter – Order Form


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H Style Box Gutter – Order Form


I Style Box Gutter – Order Form


Custom Box Gutter Order Form


All You Need To Know About Commercial Box Gutter Systems

Installing and maintaining the right rain gutter is important to any commercial business, and different types of gutter work better for different types of properties. One of the most popular choices over the years has been the traditional commercial box gutter.

Commercial box gutter can be used on many types of buildings. Large box gutter systems are often seen on buildings that have flat roofs and parapet walls.

This system gets its name from its shape and placement on the edge of the roof which runs around the perimeter. Because of their esthetic value, box gutter systems are the go-to solution when renovating historic establishments or constructing large buildings for big businesses. Their shape and size allow them to effectively transport large amounts of water.

Specifics of Box Gutter Systems


Galvalume® and aluminum are the most common materials used to manufacture box gutter systems. Other available materials are copper, stainless steel, Acrylume®, and HDG-90.


Box Gutter Systems vary in size depending on the building’s needs. The ability of box gutters to carry large amounts of water is one of the primary reasons you see them on the outside of big company buildings. Requirements for gutter size are based on the total area of the roof, and rainfall averages in the location of the building.


Box Gutter Systems can be quite versatile with its profile. DMI offers six standard SMACNA profiles as well as the option for a custom profile in lengths up to 32’. We also offer our Continuous Gutter in lengths up to 52’. These long runs of gutter can help reduce installation costs by reducing the number of seams needed with longer runs.

SMACNA Box Gutters

Available in over 32 colors for Galvalume® and Aluminum, our box gutters are made from:

  • Galvalume® (22 ga. and 24 ga.)
  • HDG-90 (20 ga.)
  • Aluminum (.50, .040, and .032)
  • Stainless Steel (22 ga. and 24 ga.)
  • Copper (20 oz. and 16 oz.)

(Size and profile can affect material availability)

In addition, DMI offers a full line of accessories for any gutter system including custom under brackets, gutter support brackets, mitered corners, splice plates, end caps, outlets, expansion joints, elbows, and downspouts.

If you want to more about our gutter systems or more about how our architectural sheet metal can enhance your building construction, contact us today.

AIA Continuing Education

DMI is committed to providing you with high-quality expert-level education in accordance with the AIA/CES standards. The courses we offer are designed to meet the needs of architects and typically run one hour in length. All Attendees will earn 1 Learning Unit. Some of the courses offered will meet the Health, Safety, and Welfare (HSW) requirements as well as the Green Building Certification Institute (GBCI) credits.

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Our Warranties are Second to None

DMI total system warranties protect all aspects of your metal envelope system, whether that be the watertightness of the roof or siding, the Galvalume ® steel, or the durable PVDF KYNAR® finish. When looking at warranties for your system, it is important to note that not all warranties are created equal. DMI warranties ensure the watertightness of all flashing conditions, trims, curbs, valleys, and penetrations. Building owners are protected with a total system warranty - “from the deck up” when using DMI insulation, fasteners, and underlayment. Our warranties are backed-up by a full-service Engineering Department, generating project specific shop drawings. Quality control is monitored by a minimum of two on-site inspections by our Field Technical Inspectors. DMI Total System Warranties give building owners and design professionals confidence that they are receiving the highest quality and most complete warranty available in the industry.

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