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Span-Lock SL20

Span-Lock SL20 is a structural panel which is mechanically seamed during installation.The panel is an integral interlocking system by design which installs in one direction from a given starting point. SPAN-LOCK is a very flexible panel which works well with a wide range of building designs.


Two different clips are available
Low Floating and Fixed

DynaClad® 70% Full Strength PVDF Paint Finish

Choice of over 32 Colors











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Roof Assemblies

SPAN-LOCK SL20 can be applied over various roof substrates including: open framing, rigid insulation (utilizing a bearing plate under each panel clip spaced 48″ o.c., max.) over 22 ga. steel deck, and various solid substrates including plywood sheathing and nail base insulation.

Uses & Applications

Product uses include low to high slope roofing, vertical fascia, equipment screens, mansards, and wall panels. This system may also be installed on tapered roof areas.

Product Offerings

24 ga., 22 ga. Steel, .032, .040 Aluminum and 16, 20 oz. Copper
Embossing and various stiffener configurations available

  • SL2012 with 12” o.c. seams
  • SL2016 with 16″ o.c. seams
  • SL2018 with 17.625″ o.c. seams

Performance Tests

  • UL-580 Wind Uplift
  • UL-2218 Impact Resistance
  • ASTM E1592 Uniform Static Air Pressure
  • ASTM E1646 Water Penetration
  • ASTM E1680 Air Leakage
  • ASTM E2140 Static Water Penetration

Load Tables:


  • Factory Applied Non-Curing Sealant: For superior watertightness
  • Mechanically Seamed: May be installed on low slope applications down to 1/2:12.
  • No Hand Seaming Required: Built-in locking leg keeps the roof panel in place until ready to mechanical seam
  • Multi-directional Mechanical Seaming: Panel seaming is simplified
  • Expansion Clips: Allows for thermal expansion and contraction
  • Continuous Rollformed Lengths: Eliminates need for panel lap joints
  • Total System Warranties Available: For total confidence

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Our Warranties are Second to None

DMI total system warranties protect all aspects of your metal envelope system, whether that be the watertightness of the roof or siding, the Galvalume ® steel, or the durable PVDF KYNAR® finish. When looking at warranties for your system, it is important to note that not all warranties are created equal. DMI warranties ensure the watertightness of all flashing conditions, trims, curbs, valleys, and penetrations. Building owners are protected with a total system warranty - “from the deck up” when using DMI insulation, fasteners, and underlayment. Our warranties are backed-up by a full-service Engineering Department, generating project specific shop drawings. Quality control is monitored by a minimum of two on-site inspections by our Field Technical Inspectors. DMI Total System Warranties give building owners and design professionals confidence that they are receiving the highest quality and most complete warranty available in the industry.

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