DynaClad® AP
All Purpose Roofing Underlayment

DynaClad® AP is a light-weight synthetic roofing underlayment. It is a woven polyprobylene fabric that is coated on both sides with a textured anti-slip surface (patent pending).



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Fabric Specifications

  • Weave: Woven white PP scrim (UV Stabilized)
  • Coating: 1.2 mil/1.0 mil average (28/24 g/m2/side)
  • Color: Grey
  • Weight: 3.6 oz/yd2 (122g/m2) +/- 5 % (25 lb per roll)
  • Thickness: 8 mil (0.20 mm)

ASTM D1777

Roll Specifications

  • Roll Size:  10 Squares
  • Cores:  2-inch cardboard
  • Width:  48″
  • Length:  250 ft/roll (76 m)
  • Rolls Per Pallet:  30 Rolls

These Values are typical data and are not intended as limiting specifications.

Other sizes available upon request.

Comp. Products

  • DynaClad Ultra HT Wind & Water Seal
  • Butyl Tape & Sealants
  • Poly-iso Insulation
  • Continuous Gutter Systems
  • ES-1 Rated Edge Metal Systems
  • Total System Warranties



The following is typical based on ASTM and other standard testing. It should not be considered a specification.

  • Grab Tensile – Warp 140 lb, 620 N / Weft 125 lb,555 N
    • ASTM D-5034-09
  • Strip Tensile –  (N/5cm) Warp 90 lb/in (800) / Weft 80 lb/in (701)
    • ASTM D-5035-11
  • Tensile Elongation – Warp 24% / Weft 21%
    • ASTM D-5035-11
  • Tongue Tear – Warp 35 lb, 155 N / Weft 35 lb, 155 N
    • ASTM D-2261-07a
  • Trapezoidal Tear – Warp 40 lb, 177 N / Weft 30 lb, 133 N
    • ASTM D-4533-04
  • Mullen Burst – 215 psi 1481 kPa
    • ASTM D-3786-01
  • Moisture Vapor Transmission – 0.04 perms (0.30 g/day-m²)
    • ASTM E-96-00
  • Pliability – No cracking (pass)
    • ASTM D-146-04
  • Water Ponding – No dripping (pass)
    • CAN/CSA A220.1
  • Low Temperature Flexibility – -15°C (5°F) No cracking (pass)
    • ASTM D-1970-01
  • Puncture – 4.7 joules
    • T803
  • UV Weathering – UV stabilizer added to coating for improved UV resistance
  • Class A Fire Resistance Rating
    • ASTM E-108(2007)
  • Meets the requirements of CAN/CSA A220.1
  • Florida Building Code FL6645

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