DMI is partnering with D.I. Roof Seamers


Who is D.I. Seamers?

D.I. Seamers has been manufacturing quality Roof Seamers since 1989, the seamers are constructed from high-quality aircraft aluminum and are incredibly durable, reinforced by anodization. The seamers have been custom tooled to work specifically with the DMI Roof Panel. Every time you receive a D.I. Seamer, it will look and perform like new before each machine is shipped, it is broken down to its bare parts, cleaned, maintained and then re-assembled.

What does D.I. Seamers offer?

You will now contact D.I. Seamers directly for all your seamer needs. Just visit the DMI Seamer website at . This website offers a simple and easy- to- use interface for you to rent the tool that is needed for our particular roof panel systems. The DMI seamer site contains the following items to make the rental process and the operation of the seamers as easy as possible:

  • Online Seamer Rental Form
  • Seamer Manuals & Operating Guides
  • Videos
  • Contact Information
  • Trouble Shooting Guide

How Do I rent from D.I. Seamers?

Rental Program Highlights: (Please see the Online Seamer Rental Form and the Rental Terms & Conditions Statement for details)

The Seamer is rented directly from D.I. Seamers.

Rental Fees are:

  • Span-Lock, Tee-Lock, DL-Single Lock
    • Standard Seamer/Bi-Directional, 3 Station: $45.00/Day
  • DL-Double Lock
    • Standard Seamer/Single Direction, 4 Station: $45.00/Day
  • 90° & 180° Hand Crimper
    • $3.00/day

Rental fees will be charged to a credit card, a $1000 authorization will be required on each rental prior to the rental request being processed. There will be an order processing time of two business days before the machine is shipped. Once the machine is shipped please allow 2-3 days for shipping. Daily charges begin the day you receive the tool and end when the tool is received by D.I. Rent is charged 7 days each week. DI Seamers also has a technical team on call at (343-0456 from 8:00AM-5:00PM C.S.T. Monday through Friday for any technical questions that may arise.

AIA Continuing Education

DMI is committed to providing you with high-quality expert-level education in accordance with the AIA/CES standards. The courses we offer are designed to meet the needs of architects and typically run one hour in length. All Attendees will earn 1 Learning Unit. Some of the courses offered will meet the Health, Safety, and Welfare (HSW) requirements as well as the Green Building Certification Institute (GBCI) credits.

information on available courses

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