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DynaClad® Water Control


DMI’s Half-Round Gutter provides a unique aesthetic appearance to any building while still complementing your roof application. The smooth inner shape of a half-round gutter reduces the likelihood of corrosion and clogs. Available in 10′ lengths.

DMI’s Box Gutter is offered in six standard SMACNA profiles. Custom profiles and lengths up to 32′ are available.

DMI’s Continuous Gutter is a factory roll-formed gutter that is offered three standard sizes 7″, 7-1/2″ and 8″. 18 Station fixed base roll-former ensures the highest quality product available.Available in lengths up to 53′.

DMI offers three standard Downspout profiles to complement our gutter. Our Box and Corrugated Downspouts are available in lengths up to 32′. DMI’s Round Downspout is available in 10′ lengths.

DMI manufactures a Curved Box Gutter to complement the curvature of your roof. This is a three piece system, mechanically seamed at our shop.

DMI fabricates custom gutter that will give your project the aesthetics that you desire. Custom cornice with integral water collection is just one of many possibilities. Contact us to for design assistance.

AIA Continuing Education

DMI is committed to providing you with high-quality expert-level education in accordance with the AIA/CES standards. The courses we offer are designed to meet the needs of architects and typically run one hour in length. All Attendees will earn 1 Learning Unit. Some of the courses offered will meet the Health, Safety, and Welfare (HSW) requirements as well as the Green Building Certification Institute (GBCI) credits.

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