Metal Roof Panels

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Commercial Metal Roofing Panels

The popularity of metal roof panels is on the rise. However, metal roofing is not something new as it’s been an integral part of buildings in the United States for the past 300 years. The same is true for parts of Europe.

It’s obvious from this observation that metal roof panels are extremely reliable. Metal roof panels help protect structures from weather conditions such as rain, snow, and intense sunlight. Today, metal roof panels are more than just a practical option. They can be an artistic option.

You may have heard of structural metal roof panels, but it’s important to know that they are not the same as architectural metal roof panels.

The 2 top options for architectural metal roof panels are corrugated metal and standing seam. Elements that differentiate these 2-panel types include the design and thickness of the material.

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Corrugated Metal Roof Panels

The word “corrugated” literally means “shaped into alternate ridges and grooves”. Think of corrugated cardboard. They make extremely sturdy boxes. Corrugated metal creates that same sturdiness for structures and is great for different roof applications. It’s easy to see why they make for great commercial metal roofing panels.

One proof corrugated metal roof panels is that compared to other metal roof panels, they are reasonably priced. It gives any structure a professional look and provides amazing protection from high levels of sunlight and heat.

Standing Seam Metal Roof Panels

Standing seam is another popular type of architectural metal roof panel. Just like corrugated metal roof panels, these commercial metal roofing panels are created by roll forming. However, the main difference between the 2 is their design and application. Standing seam metal roof panels use concealed fasteners.

These metal panels are relatively flat with vertical “ribs” on the ends. Since the seams and roof attachments are hidden beneath the “ribs”, they make for great architectural metal roof panels.

One pro of these commercial metal roofing panels is that metal is made up of a stronger gauge than corrugated metal. Also, the hidden fasteners make it almost impossible for leaks to develop.

What about Structural Metal Roof Panels?

Although structural metal roof panels are also popular, they are not to be confused with architectural metal roof panels. Structural metal roof panels are mechanically seamed together, creating a structurally sound and watertight bond. The seaming process consists of the panels’ edges being folded together. the difference in structural and architectural roofing

Structural roof systems have panels that are seamed together mechanically, This creates a bond between panels that is not only structurally sound, but watertight. For the seaming process, the edges of the panel are folded together.

Although they are not the same as architectural metal roof panels, structural metal roof panels are great for particularly protecting any commercial structure from moisture.

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