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rheinzink_logo_rgb_300dp_i_2010RHEINZINK® is the world’s leading manufacturer of architectural-grade titanium zinc products for standing seam roofing, wall panels, wall tiles, and roof drainage systems. For over 50 years, RHEINZINK® has been producing this very popular, modern material that offers a wide scope for design and is a material that can be recycled infinitely without the loss of its chemical or physical properties. RHEINZINK® provides extreme longevity and an elegant appearance, making it an ideal cladding material.


Available in the following colors


DMI Rheinzink Wall Panel Sheet DMI Rheinzink Roof Panel Sheet


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Roof Applications

RHEINZINK is available in the following DMI Roof Panel Profiles:

  • Double Lock – DL10
  • Double Lock – DL15
  • Double Lock – DL20
  • Tapered-Seam Double Lock:
    • DL10, DL15 & DL20
  • Compound Curve Snap-On Seam:
    • SS10 & SS15
  • Curved- Radius Double-Lock
    • DL15 & DL20

Also available in coils, flat sheets and several wall panel profiles (see “Wall Applications” tab above)

Wall Applications

RHEINZINK is available in the following DMI Wall Panel Profiles:

  • Horizontal Wall Panel Series
  • Flush Panel Series
  • Bermuda Panels
  • Diamond Panels
  • Flat-Lock Panels
  • Custom Profiles

Also available in coils, flat sheets and several roof panel profiles (see “Roof Applications” tab above)

Material with a Future

In the context of the discussion on sustainable construction, the environmental compatibility of building products is given great significance and accordingly influences the making of decisions by building owners and planners when selecting materials. In this focus, in addition to a long life, an important consideration is the expenditure of energy during the manufacture of the material, the recycling rate, and the energy saving to be made as a result of the high recycling rate.

In the case of RHEINZINK the environmental compatibility traditionally has a high value. Ecological yardsticks are already set during the extraction and processing of the raw material: The consumption of energy is extremely low. The most modern of production facilities reduce
emissions to a minimum. RHEINZINK is a 100 % recyclable and sets a yardstick with a life of many decades in use. Its use as a roof covering, facade cladding and roof drainage alone is accorded a high value: Since the consumption of energy in the recycling amounts to only around 5 % of the primary energy content and today in the market for used metals a value of up to 60% of the raw material price for high-purity zinc is achieved, the decision to use RHEINZINK is also of great benefit to future generations. Thanks to the high recycling rate of over 95 % a further reduction of the energy requirement is achieved. In the RHEINZINK manufacturing process production scrap is passed to the melting
process without further pre-handling.

In addition to exemplary ecological characteristics, RHEINZINK is convincing in terms of its aesthetic appearance. It can be delivered in various product lines and versions.

Rrheinzink-prepatinaHEINZINK PATINA is the classic line.  The bright rolled version (perPATINA bright rolled) first takes the form of a natural patina in the course of time – due to atmospheric influences. With the preweathered variants prePATINA blue-grey and graphite-grey, the natural material
has on the first day a classical, typical zinc blue-grey or graphite-grey appearance. On the other hand the preweathered variants of this product line  change again during the course of the year, the blue-grey and graphite-grey appearance of the RHEINZINK-PROTECT LINE is protected from aging in the longer term by an invisible coating.

Why Rheinzink?

  • Natural material
  • Natural patina formation
  • Tried and tested processing characteristics
  • For roof, facade, roof drainage and architectural details
  • Ductile and frost-resistant
  • Long life and maintenance-free
  • 100 % recyclable

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DMI total system warranties protect all aspects of your metal envelope system, whether that be the watertightness of the roof or siding, the Galvalume ® steel, or the durable PVDF KYNAR® finish. When looking at warranties for your system, it is important to note that not all warranties are created equal. DMI warranties ensure the watertightness of all flashing conditions, trims, curbs, valleys, and penetrations. Building owners are protected with a total system warranty - “from the deck up” when using DMI insulation, fasteners, and underlayment. Our warranties are backed-up by a full-service Engineering Department, generating project specific shop drawings. Quality control is monitored by a minimum of two on-site inspections by our Field Technical Inspectors. DMI Total System Warranties give building owners and design professionals confidence that they are receiving the highest quality and most complete warranty available in the industry.

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