Snap-On Fascia


Exacting engineering and rigorous testing delivers superior performance and an attractive appearance in the DynaClad® Snap-on Fascia. Our most popular system, it is designed to simplify installation with efficient and fast application, maximizing profits and reducing costly labor, all while providing exceptional aesthetics. The Edge Fascia protects single ply roofs against high wind events and driving rains, saving your building owner costly damage. Without penetrating the top surface of the membrane; the design of this system terminates the membrane against building perimeter.

DynaClad® 70% Full Strength PVDF Paint Finish

Choice of over 32 Colors


 DynaClad Edge Cut Sheet

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  • Improve productivity with fast delivery times and reduced labor costs with ease of installation
  • Lowers installation time – saving labor cost
  • Correct positioning and fit are ensured through the use of pre-punched fastener holes
  • No crimping necessary with simple snap-on covers
  • Fully engineered systems with shop-fabricated Corners, End Caps, End Terms, Fascia Extenders
  • Complete systems include Internal Splice Plates and all needed high-torque screws and ring shank nails
  • Available in PVDF coated Galvalume & Aluminum, Copper, Zinc and Stainless Steel

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