Metal Roof Sealant

Enviornmentally Friendly

Novaflex ® Metal Roof Sealant provides unbeatable adhesion to metal, coated metals, wood, masonry, PVC and most common construction materials.

Technical Information

  • Appearance: Smooth paste
  • Service Temperature: – 40ºF to +400ºF
  • Adhesion: Excellent to most common building materials
  • Consistency: Non-sag
  • Gunning Extrusion: Easy to gun
  • Flexibility: Good
  • Water Resistance: Good
    • Not to be submerged
  • Exterior Weathering: Excellent
  • Aging: Excellent
  • Freeze-Thaw Stable:
  • Odor: None
  • Skin Time:
    • 40ºF/40% relative humidity – 40 minutes
    • 75ºF/50% relative humidity – 10 minutes
    • 95ºF/95% relative humidity – 5 minutes
  • Through Time:
    • 40ºF/60% relative humidity – 2-3 days
    • 75ºF/50% relative humidity – < 24 hrs
  • Weight per gallon: 10.2 pounds
  • Solids: 97%


Novaflex® Cut Sheet

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  • Adheres to Kynar® coated metals*
  • Freeze thaw stable
  • Excellent adhesion and flexibility
  • Service Temperature -40° F to +400° F
  • VOC Compliant
  • Invisible to UV light
  • Mildew Resistent
  • Tack free in 10 minutes
  • Extrudes down to -20ºF
  • Completely cured in up to 2 days

*Kynar is a registered trademark of Arkema Inc

Product Specs

Coverage: 1/4” bead application – 28 linear feet

Specifications: Meets or exceeds ASTM C-920, TT-S-001543A and TT-S-230C

Shelf life: Use product within 18 months from manufacturer’s date. FREEZE THAW STABLE.

User Tips: Not designed for continuous submersion or use below the waterline.

Recommended Use

Recommended For Sealing & Bonding Around

  • Wood
  • Metal Siding
  • Steel
  • Flashing
  • Metal Roof
  • Trim
  • Gutters
  • PVC
  • Aluminum
  • Masonry
  • Downspouts

Clean Up: Clean tools with toluene or mineral spirits before it dries. After setting, excess sealant must be cut or scraped away. Follow solvents vendor’s precautions.

Not Recommended For

  • Surface temperature below 0ºF or exceeding 120ºF during installation
  • Surfaces continuously immersed in water
  • Building materials that bleed oils, plasticizers or solvents that may affect adhesion
  • Frost-laden or wet surfaces
  • Completely confined joints or if the sealant is intended to be painted

Limited Warranty: Satisfaction guaranteed when handled and applied according to label instructions.

Product Info.

  • Description – Metal Roof Sealant
  • Item Number – 02-MR0XXX0-10C1
  • Size – 10.3 FL. OZ (304 mL)
  • Unit Dimensions – 9” x 2“ x 2”

Case Pack

Case Pack Information

  • Description – Metal Roof Sealant
  • Item Number – 02-MR0XXX0-10C1
  • Dimensions – 11 15/16“ x 9 15/16” x 8 1/8“
  • Case Weight 10 lbs. / Cases Per Pallet -120


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